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Who We Are

We are an education nonprofit with the aim of bringing quality tutoring to students everywhere, regardless of their socio-economic status.

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Benefits of Peer Tutoring

At Perisco, all our tutors are students in grades 8-12, who can relate to their tutees in ways that a teacher in a traditional classroom cannot. Studies have shown that peer tutoring leads to improved academic performance, more participation in sessions, and increased motivation. For the tutors, peer tutoring can develop leadership skills, time management competence, and a better understanding of diverse experiences.

Eliminating Transportation

Many children are limited by transportation when it comes to getting extra help. The majority of tutoring services are in-person, meaning that thousands of students cannot participate because there is simply no one to drive them.


For tutors who have busy schedules, another place to drive is the last thing they need. Doing everything virtually ensures that everyone can participate and receive a unique experience. 

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